GESIER at the Workshop of the Working Group „Digitale Geschäftsmodelle/Plattformökonomie“

Functioning business models for the platform economy of smart services play an enormous role in penetrating the market and being competitive in the future. A workshop of the “Digital Business Models / Platform Economics” working group took place on Friday 4 May 2018 at the SmartData Forum in Berlin to exchange projects as part of the accompanying research of the BMWi-funded Smart Service Welt programme.

The workshop consisted of several working parts, in which the current challenges of the projects regarding the business model development were considered by different methods. In a first step, the challenges of the ENTOURAGE and SERVICEFACTORY projects were presented in the form of interviews. The project SERVICEFACTORY presented an approach for business models for the industry 4.0 with consideration of platform economies with several partners involved. This is relevant for the GEISER project because the business model in GEISER also has to take different stakeholders into account.

In other parts of the workshop, small groups of selected creative methods were used to identify challenges relating to technical and economic priorities and to develop initial proposals for solutions.

Besides the results of the workshop, the exchange and networking with other projects with similar challenges also plays an important role for the project GEISER. In this way, the synergies and findings of the projects can be used mutually.

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